Why MBA: Nanyang Business School 2

One week into the Nanyang MBA and impressed

We caught up with Mandar Gori - 2011 MBA Student at Nanyang Business School (NBS) at Nanyang Technological University in SIngapore. One week into his MBA, Mandar tells us why he chose to do an MBA at Nanyang and his expectations for the course.

Why did you decide to do an MBA?

Working as a Project Manager for four years, I developed skills to manage projects (mostly related to product development) from conceptualization to product delivery. It was then that I felt the need to go further up-stream and get exposure to the business side of product development. Pursuing an MBA was the best option for this transition.

Which other schools did you apply to?

The other schools I applied to were ISB (Indian School of Business) and NUS (National University of Singapore).

Why did you choose to study at Nanyang Business School?

The reasons I chose Nanyang are:

  1. Diversity of the students
  2. Strong curriculum
  3. Location - being in Singapore gives one access to the booming Asia-Pacific economies

What kind of induction events and lectures have you had so far?

I was amazed at the effort the school put into conducting orientation, from helping us get to know the campus to workshops for case analysis, communications, networking and team building.

What are you most looking forward to in your MBA?

I am looking forward to building a strong foundation for my career as a socially responsible business manager and building a strong professional network.

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