MSc Organisation Founded By ESADE MSc Student

ESADE MSc student Suvigya Muchhal founded MSc Live, a student association aimed to represent ESADE MSc students!

Suvigya Muchhal, a current ESADE MSc student, has been busy during his time at ESADE so far: he just landed an internship at electronics manufacturer Philips and also founded MSc Live, a student association aimed to connect and represent ESADE MSc students. Here is some insight into the path Mucchal took to achieve his current successes:
Why did you decide upon getting an MSc?
I have an engineering background and before opting for an MSc, I was working as automation engineer. During my brief work experience, I realized that I need some management education to climb up the corporate ladder faster. Also, I wanted to have exposure to foreign education to broaden my horizon. I thought of doing MBA, but soon realized that with little work experience it’s impossible to get into a top business school outside India, so I zeroed in for the MSc programme that perfectly fit my profile.
Why did you choose an ESADE MSc?
There were some particular reasons for choosing ESADE: its short program compared to other b-schools. It was offering same program with almost the same graduate salary but in half the time. Other schools like were providing MSc management in 24 months, whereas ESADE was providing it in 12 months.
The class profile was very international; in my own section, we had more than 25 nationalities and in the entire MSc class, we had more than 40. Having such broad worldwide representation ensured me good exposure to different cultures. 
Lastly, I used Financial Times rankings as a comprehensive evaluator and ESADE, being ranked 7th worldwide for its MSc international management, looked very appealing with above mentioned points.
You are the founder of the student association, MSc Live? What exactly do you do in your role with the organization?
I founded the MSc Live student association this year with couple of my colleagues. It was very surprising for me to see that there is no formal representation of MSc students, so I formulated the idea, got together some of colleagues and laid the foundation of the association. In this association, we aimed to improve student learning experience and networking experience by organizing industry visits and inviting professionals from the industry.  Lastly, we also aimed to improve the living experience  by organizing social events and gatherings. Since we founded the organization this year, our main focus was to get official status from ESADE and write the constitution so that the organization could be smoothly transitioned in every new academic session.
I took the position of vice president and director of corporate affairs. With this position, I was responsible for organizing academic events like seminars and invite industry professionals for talks. I got the chance to communicate with a lot of influential people in the industry and this helped me build some good networks. Since it was the first year of association, a lot of effort was required and we learned to play with the bureaucracy and getting things done. We also laid framework for the next academic session for affiliating clubs such as consulting club, marketing club, etc. The purpose of these clubs would be to bring together the students who are interested in making a career in the field and then do peer learning. For example, in consulting club, we will do a lot of consulting cases and discussions with interested students so that each of us who are interested can have more opportunity to practice before they finally go for job selection process. We were not able to start this club yet because of lack of time in the semester, so we only laid the framework to start off these clubs so that next board can start working on it from day one.
What are your goals after graduation?
I am particularly interested in roles wherein I can use my engineering as well as management education so something in supply chain, procurement or technical marketing would be ideal. Last week I got an offer for an internship in procurement with Philips either in Bangalore or Eindhoven (yet to be finalized), so I am looking forward for that; after that, I plan to convert the internship into full time job in similar field.

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