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Finance research from Cass Business School ranked third in Europe

What makes the research go to the top of the table

Finance research from Cass Business School, which is part of City University London, has been ranked third best in Europe and second in the UK, according to a new study to be published by the European Financial Management Journal.

The study, led by American academics at Kentucky University*, looked at the financial research output of 413 institutions across Europe and measured their quality. It is the most comprehensive study of its kind, assessing more than 12,000 articles by 1,976 authors between 1990 and 2008.

Researchers based the rankings on the number of articles published in the top 16 mainstream finance journals in the world. They developed a complex statistical method for assessing each journal and each article’s importance to provide accurate standings.

The method involved weighting articles by the “impact factor” of the journal they were published in, the number of authors involved and the number of institutions the authors were affiliated to.

The authors of the study also used the results to compile a league table of Europe’s top finance researchers, with Meziane Lasfer, Professor of Finance at Cass, ranked 20th.

Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor of City University London, said: “I am delighted that the quality of Finance research at City University’s Cass Business School has been recognised by the European Financial Management Journal. These impressive rankings reflect the world leading quality of our research, confirmed by the national Research Assessment Exercise, in fifteen subject areas across the University”

Commenting on the high ranking of Cass, Professor Lasfer, who is Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer, said: “Unlike other rankings, these results are derived from a comprehensive academic study measuring research performance over almost two decades. They provide a truly independent recognition of the quality of research at Cass.

“For many years, we have consistently been ranked among the best business schools in the world. For students and alumni, this study is further confirmation of the strength of finance research at Cass, and the world-class faculty we have here.”

*Chan et al (2010), ‘Financial Research in the European Region: a Long-Term Assessment (1990 – 2008)’, European Financial Management Journal (forthcoming)



Wednesday 17th November 2010, 16.17 (UTC)


Great news! Would be interested to know how much of this research gets used/ applied in the financial sector, of if its' mostly for academic purposes only?

Thursday 18th November 2010, 14.31 (UTC)


Kudos to the academics who did the research! I cannot imagine sifting through 12,000 articles and assessing their quality! Great going!

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