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Tracking the Travels of Tomatoes

Research into how the Internet will transform the journey of food products, right from the farm to the consumer’s plate, has just begun at Aston Business School, thanks to European Union funding.

Aston Business Schools Centre for Sustainability and Innovation has been awarded funding of £192,402, over two years to carry out research on the needs and challenges of using internet technologies in the food and agriculture sector.

The research, that is part of an EU major initiative called the “Future Internet”, will focus on the application of internet technologies to agricultural and food production, food logistics and food awareness.

The research includes tracking the tomato from the farm to the supermarket, and collecting a great deal of data along the way, such as location, temperature, humidity. 

The Future Internet provides the applications to publish the data and for the data to be used by multiple commercial and research organisations.

To find out more about the project, click here


Tuesday 24th May 2011, 16.16 (UTC)


Fascinating! Bet the supply chain is longer than people realise - there are some supermarket chains in the UK who advertise getting products from the farm to the shop shelves in 24 hours, but I never quite believe this...

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