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WBS & Energy: Excitement About Innovative Programs

Professor Stephen Roper, of Warwick Business School, sat down with BusinessBecause.com to discuss his role at the Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

In the video, Professor Roper highlights progressive programs at Warwick, specifically, the Global Energy MBA program.

Recently, the program took a trip to Scotland to view the country’s largest wind farm and its innovative carbon capturing techniques.

Additionally, the Global Energy MBA program is partnering with Warwick Science Park to “help incubate companies more effectively and help those companies grow so they can add value to the West Midlands and wider UK economies.”

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Professor Stephen Roper - Warwick Business School from businessbecause on Vimeo.


Friday 5th November 2010, 15.11 (UTC)


Energy MBA sounds interesting, although only really relevant if you're in the energy sector of course - must be quite a small program? Is it a full time course like other MBAs?

Friday 5th November 2010, 15.12 (UTC)


wind farms = totally impractical.... wind power cannot be as a serious contributer to base load energy supply for the futur

Friday 5th November 2010, 15.16 (UTC)


apparently the Uk has invested $11.2b in alternative energy, more than half that of the US!http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/148/power-up-world-energy-congress.html is this field recruiting much?

Friday 5th November 2010, 15.48 (UTC)


The Warwick Global Energy MBA is an Executive MBA, so is delivered part-time over 2.5 years. It's aimed at experienced managers from the energy who are looking for an MBA that still covers all the usual functional subjects like marketing, operations, finance etc, but who are interested in having an energy-sector view on those subjects. We launched it in 2009 and there have been two classes so far, each of around 35 students from all over the world.

Monday 15th November 2010, 13.03 (UTC)

Mark at SportsLink.Asia

Rachel - do you have other specialsit MBAs - e.g. in sports? or international focus?

Monday 22nd November 2010, 13.53 (UTC)


Hi Mark, sorry, we only have one specialised MBA, and that is the energy MBA. Our main programme, the Warwick MBA, is a generic programme which covers all the main functions such as operations, marketing, finance and so on. But this, like most MBA programmes from the top schools, has an international focus, so if you are looking for an international MBA, then you don't need a specialist programme - just make sure you choose one that has a diverse class, a reasonable percentage of international faculty, a good choice of electives on the subject and the opportunity to work or study internationally as well. Good luck!

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