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Get Seriously Radical

Reinventing the world economy, innovative airlines and pink BlackBerries in our round-up of professor blogs

Web 2.0 guru Umair Haque calls for the business community to adapt quickly to new economic conditions rather than mourning their losses. In Haque’s “User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics”, one of the most popular articles on Harvard Business Publishing, he says that while 2009 may look bleak, “those with the purpose, courage, and vision to get seriously radical will have the opportunity to reconceive and reinvent the global economy.” He also addresses new roles for marketing, distribution, production, strategy and innovation when the economy is hitting historically low growth rates.

Professor Freek Vermeulen of London Business School also looks at crisis survival strategies in on his blog “Random Rantings”. In an entry titled: “In a Crisis, Innovate”, he offers examples of how The Independent newspapers and Southwest Airlines survived their own crises to illustrate the importance of innovation during times of hardship: “Don’t just wait for the inevitable to happen; prolonging your decline out of some false hope that you’ll weather the storm. Storms kill; get out of it while you can.” 
Former professor John Sviokla of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management eyes BlackBerry’s competition with the iPhone. In his blog “The Near Futurist”, he writes about “How Blackberry’s Storm Could Swamp the iPhone” and proposes several possible responses by Apple. These include lowering the iPhone’s price, an idea given support in the research paper: “Zero as a Special Price: The True Value of Free Products”.

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