Up Close in Dubai and London

Opportunity for b-schools and applicants in Dubai and London to impress each other



B-school applicants will get up close and personal with admissions directors from Europe and North American in Dubai and London over the next few weeks.


More than fifty schools will participate in the Connect 1-2-1 events, which take place in Dubai on 20th April and in London on 15th May.


The events are free for applicants, who supply a resume and details abut the goals and preferences beforehand. Admissions directors at the participating schools select the candidates that they’re interested in. Candidates are then invited to scheduled interviews with schools that they think are a good match. 


The interviews are pre-scheduled so there’s no queuing, unlike at MBA fairs. The one-to-one meetings often a chance to experience an admissions interview without the pressure of the real thing. Candidates are often offered places on the strength of the Connect 1-2-1 interviews, according to organizer Liz Fitt.


Both students and applicants have to make a good impression, so the pressure is distributed a little more evenly. One-to-one time with admissions directors provides a chance to explore the internal culture of each school, allowing candidates to better assess the fit between what the schools have to offer and their own needs, says Fitt.


Some candidates have been inspired to apply to schools they hadn’t even heard of, on the strength of the 1-2-1 interview:I applied to one of the schools I saw at Connect 1-2-1 in Zurich. I got accepted at Vlerick Leuven Gent Mgt. School, which I didn't even know before. This school’s views and approach fascinated me so much that I will do a full-time MBA from the beginning of September”, says Thomas Winter.


At a recent event in London, applicant Fui Amevor confirmed a good hunch about Chicago Booth: “The taster sessions provided an insight into Chicago Booth… and confirmed my reasons for applying there.”





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