London Business School (LBS)

For every Uber there's a thousand startup ideas that never took off. So how can you identify a great startup idea? We put a Startup FAQ to our panel of experts

21 Jan 2020

From hot new courses to rising MBA salaries and record employment rates, these are the business schools you need to look out for this year

20 Jan 2020

Jeff Skinner, executive director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, shares his advice on how to launch a startup with an MBA

7 Jan 2020

From H1B visa changes to record MBA salaries, 2019 was a whirlwind year for business school applicants. We round up your top 10 highlights

27 Dec 2019

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London Business School (LBS), consistently placed at the top of global b-school rankings, offers one of the world's elite two-year MBA programmes, along with highly-respected executive courses, an experienced-level Masters in Finance and a graduate-level Masters in Management.
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