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The Global MBA is an intensive one year MBA program based in Bologna, an important center of culture and business, and capital of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy. Taught entirely in English by leading professors, managers, and entrepreneurs in the field, the program offers the opportunity to choose between different concentrations:
- Corporate Finance
The Corporate Finance concentration aims to train managers to successfully operate in small and medium-sized enterprises, able to compete in an always more globalized business environment. You will gain the skills and strategic thinking needed to improve your international career in the financial sector. This MBA will give you the latest management knowledge and the capabilities to interact with advanced banking systems. 
- Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
The Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods concentration offers a unique opportunity to blend theory with the experience of the best Italian companies in these sectors. You will be able to experience first-hand the specific expertise that Italy has developed in these fields, joining creativity, style, and managerial skills. This MBA will train you to become the talented and successful manager that these leading companies are looking for.
- Food and Wine
The Food and Wine concentration is where food meets passion, creativity, and business skills. It is focused on the exclusive knowledge of the most successful Italian enterprises in these sectors. You will learn directly from the experience of “natural experts”: top star chefs, wine producers, and international managers. This MBA is the right program if you want to jolt your career with a choice based on passion.
- Green Energy and Sustainable Business
The Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses concentration was conceived to nurture competent managers at the forefront of the sustainability agenda. You will blend top notch industry expertise and the intellectual guidance of a team of leading international faculty members. This MBA will give you the tools to lead the global societal, environmental, humanitarian, and business challenges of the future.
- Innovation Management
Innovation Management is the new program designed to support the increasing business demand of innovation and entrepreneurial skills. You will be surrounded by managers, entrepreneurs, and leading companies operating in advanced mechanics, industrial automation, and manufacturing. This MBA will give you the creativity, skills, and vision needed to engage in game-changing innovation activities.
- Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media
Social media has changed the paradigm from which we interpret reality and this is being recognized by companies over the world who are constantly increasing the amount that they invest in their digital strategy. This Master’s program provides participants with specific qualifications and advanced skills to effectively meet the market requirements.
- Master in Organization and Human Resources Management 
In the upcoming years, the management of human resources will play a fundamental role for companies: select the most qualified candidates, use incentive systems, project career development programs. This Master’s program trains young managers able to enhance human capital and develop a sustainable and efficient organization.
- Master in Data Science
Big Data is a big challenge of today’s business world. Companies have both a need and an urgency to manage the acquisition, presentation, sharing, analysis and visualization of data. The Master in Data Science offers 3 different types of skills: solid computer training, an understanding of the technological aspects and knowledge of business dynamics.
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